Home and Contents Insurance

When you take out Buildings & Contents Insurance, you’re taking out cover for both the home you live in (including your garage, shed and other structures on your property) plus its contents. It’s the most comprehensive type of home insurance you can take out.

There are massive differences between what is available in the direct market (what you see on TV etc).

Some of the additional benefits that are usually available under some of the unique policies we can provide:

  • Contents away from the situation – this is for Australia and New Zealand, and, worldwide for up to 180 days away from home;
  • Contents in secured storage;
  • Fees incurred in relation to repair or replacement of your buildings
  • Removal of Debris – this is regularly counted as part of the insurable amount under a lot of policies, this is usually in addition to your insured amount with us;
  • Extra costs of reinstatement – when rebuilding costs more than insured to meet the requirements of statutory requirements, this section kicks in;
  • Illegal use of credit card or financial transaction card ;
  • Replacement of locks and keys – when losing the keys in Australia and causing a potential security risk;
  • Contents being moved to your new residence;
  • Veterinary expenses for domestic cats and dogs from certain accidents;
  • Taxation Audit – Costs of accountant fees which you reasonably occur as a result from your personal taxation affairs being audited by the ATO;
  • Waiver of excess if your property is a total loss.