Dangers of assumptions.

Did you know that there are massive differences between certain Insurance policies in the market?

When you are shopping for a new car, would you take a Hyundai i20 when you are expecting a Porsche because of the price alone?

What is really scary is how this is happening all the time with businesses and individuals protecting what they have worked so hard to accomplish.

We all have Insurances in place to protect us, and hope it never needs to be called upon. Unfortunately, Insurances do need to be called upon at times, and this is often at an incredibly stressful time for you. Something has happened that is unplanned and unexpected. This could be a natural disaster, something goes ‘bang!’, or even someone is not happy with you and threatening to sue you.

I have seen many examples in many different policies where clauses can bite someone when they need it most. Some of these crazy clauses and exclusions in relation to home and contents polices include:

  • Accidental Damage is not covered;
  • Jewellery is not covered;
  • Your contents are not covered away from your home;
  • Fusion – when a power surge causes your fridge etc to breakdown is not covered;
  • Anything that happens in connection to an organised event (friends over for a BBQ) is not covered;
  • Loss of food etc due to a power outage outside your control is not covered;
  • Spare parts for car, boat, bike etc are not covered;
  • Damage by a Tennant from neglect, unhygienic or poor housekeeping when you are the landlord is not covered;
  • Escaping water from your shower is not covered;

These are not examples of all policies, they are examples of some of the sub-standard offers that are hidden in policies that people don’t realise until it is too late.

Who can help to avoid these potential issues? An Insurance Broker. And most importantly, when the time comes to claim against your policy, we work for you to protect your interests so you can focus about what you do best.

Things get better when people take responsibility for their own decision making. No one is an expert in everything. It is important to remember how individual decisions can impact everyone around and making sure those you seek to guide are trusted advisers who appreciate why they are the ones put into the trusted position.